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Energy Storage System

As of April 2023, the California Public Utility Commission has now  approved the passage of NEM 3.0. This new rate promotes the use of home batteries along with solar. Also the three main utility companies in California have now moved existing NEM 1.0 and NEM 2.0 customers to TOU - 4PM to 9PM. An energy storage system not only will allow you to use power during a blackout but will also maximize your 4PM to 9PM consumption by using solar and batteries during that time rather then the utility company

Tesla Powerwall

Powerwalls are compatible with any existing solar inverter manufacturer. We can also install additional Powerwalls to your existing Energy Storage System

Enphase IQ Battery

The IQ Enphase Storage System is only compatible with Enphase systems, if you currently have Enphase this will be your best option

SolarEdge Battery

SolarEdge Storage system is only compatible with solaredge systems, so this will be a great option if you currently have this system

Franklin Battery

Franklin is a powerful and scalable option compatible with all existing inverters

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