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About Us

Our Story

Established in 2012, JDC Energy is recognized throughout the Inland Empire and Los Angeles County as a premiere solar and electrical contracting company that offers energy solutions for both residential and commercial construction services. JDC Energy is renowned for our outstanding customer service and installation expertise in photovoltaic systems and electrical work.
Our Expertise
JDC Energy specializes in roof top installations of photovoltaic systems. We have completed over 2000 installations and provided EPC services to companies such as OnSwitch, Solar Universe, Sunpower and Sunrun. JDC Energy’s focus is quality solar installations along with outstanding customer service. We are  highly rated all across the web, such as HomeAdvisor, Yelp, Google Business, EnergySage and many others. We maintain a highly trained staff and a wide range of specialized equipment that enables us to work more efficiently while being safe as well as larger projects including working in challenging environments.
Our Vision
Our goal has always been to provide our clients with the highest quality of service, as well as an insight into the construction issues that may affect their project. We work intimately with the design team and the client to suggest economic measures for integrating the effects of existing site conditions into the design of the project and rely heavily on our years of experience to help our clients achieve their goals efficiently and economically.
Our Staff
JDC Energy’s staff currently includes certified journeymen, GRID Alternatives trained staff, lift equipment certified operators and well-trained construction personnel. We offer extensive experience in OSHA safety guidelines, plan design, site survey, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems. The president of the Company, David Cobian has a bachelor of Electronics Engineering and holds a C10 license issued by the CSLB.

A staff checking solar panels
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