Backup Power at a Lower Cost

Unlike standby generator systems, portable generators are not permanently installed, can be easily moved from place to place and must be manually started.


A lower-priced alternative to standby generators, portable generators can keep power running in an emergency, as long as you don’t mind a few inconveniences.

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The Kodiak is the most powerful solar generator in our lineup, yet still only weighs 20 lbs. Capable of satisfying the demanding needs of camp trailers and home appliances for days at a time, this generator is as versatile as it is powerful. For the ultimate in emergency power or camping luxury without the hassles of traditional fuel powered generators, the Kodiak is second to none.

What It PowersSmartphones: 100+
Tablets: 40+
Laptops: 20+
18 cu ft. refrigerator, 20% duty: 33 hours
9 cu ft. chest freezer, 15% duty: 50 hours
1/3 HP Sump Pump: 2.5 hours
Basecamp LED Light: 166 hours

Product SpecsInternal Battery Capacity: 1,100 Watts (90 Amps at 12.6 Volts)
AC Inverter: 1,500 Watts, Pure Sine WaveInput: 11-30VDC charging port up to 600W maximum.AC Output: (6) 110VAC plugs, (1) 30 Amp RV plug. 1,100W (10 Amps) maximum continuous output per AC outlet, 3,000W starting surge maximum. 1,500W total limit for combined AC output. Pure sine wave inverter.DC Output: (2) 12VDC universal car sockets. 180 Watts (15 Amps) maximum output per socket. (8) USB outlets (using USB car socket adapters, 2 not included) 5VDC, 1-2.1 Amp port & 1-1 Amp port regulated, 3.1 Amps maximum per adapter. (2) 12VDC Basecamp LED light ports, maximum 10 LEDs per port.

What’s IncludedKodiak Solar Generator
AC Charger
Shoulder Carrying Strap
User’s Guide

Downloadable ResourcesKodiak User Manual
Kodiak Port Functions
Kodiak External Battery Ports

Things You Should Know Before You Buy

Buying a generator can be a daunting process. However, you can take control by being informed and getting organized. Here is a simple checklist to use to help in choosing the correct generator to protect your home and family.


• Determine wattage needs: Determine how much power you need for the items you care about.

• Establish your budget: Generator prices fall across a wide range, so determining how much you’d like to spend is important.

• Select your generator: For home backup you can use a Standby or portable, depending on your budget, convenience, and power needs. Don't forget you will also need a transfer switch to safely power the circuits in your home.

Kodiak FAQ:


Is price the deciding factor? If yes, go portable.

The main appeal of a portable generator over a standby is savings. You can buy a good 3kW unit for under $500, an 8kW for $1,500 to $2,000 and a 10kW for about $2,000. Prices vary depending on where you buy it and what brand you choose.

Is the Kodiak battery replaceable?


There are no user replaceable parts on the Kodiak.



What can I run with the Kodiak and for how long?


You can run anything that you can plug into the wall that draws less than than 1100 Watts or 10 Amps at 110 VAC. Examples include: a refrigerator, freezer, TV, stereo, lights, microwave, grinder, mixer, blender, cell phones, computer, tablet, RV, trailer, and so much more. Adding solar panels will extend your run times. 



What is the expected lifespan of the Kodiak battery?


2,000 cycles or 10 years. The warranty is one year limited.



What type of AC Inverter is built into the Kodiak?


1,500 Watt Pure Sine Wave. Max output of 3,000 Watts.



How long will the battery hold its charge?


About 3 months. We recommend leaving it plugged into a wall outlet during storage or recharging it every 3 months.



Can the Kodiak power my entire home?